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Research at GSEM UrFU

Research work at the Graduate School of Economics and Management UrFU takes the form of both organized research and individual research projects.

Main lines of research of GSEM’s team, on the one hand, reflect the priority areas of basic and applied research and development, on the other hand, correspond to cross-cutting themes of research of joint teams of GSEM UrFU:

  • Modernization of industrial, investment and construction, the financial sector of the economy and technological innovation management;
  • Economics and Management in the high-tech industry sectors;
  • Management of energy efficiency and environmental safety;
  • Economics, Finance and Management of knowledge-intensive services;
  • Sustainable economic and social development of the territories.

Main research areas are maintained and developed through the topics of doctoral and Ph.D. thesis prepared through GSEM UrFU, topics of scientific conferences and seminars, as well as partnerships with leading international and Russian research centers.

Resource support of the research activity carried out at GSEM UrFU based on the principle of co-financing. Consolidated annual budget of R & D of GSEM is about 6.5 million rubles. Its main sources are competitive grants from the Russian government, foreign government funds for the support of science as well as from private Russian and international funds.

Students' interest in research is stimulated through a number of traditional events GSEM UrFU, and other international and Russian professional contests.


Contact person:

Vice Director of GSEM UrFU for Science

Oleg V. Obukhov

620002, Ekaterinburg 19 Mira Street, 4th floor

Tel./fax: +7 (343) 375-41-48